An Afternoon Visit to Chiusdino | Dog Travel Italy

There are so many little towns and communities dotted around the Italian countryside, you are spoiled each time you venture out for the day. One amazing little place we stumbled across was Chiusdino, just under an hour from Siena and ninety minutes from Florence.

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-4.JPG

Chiusdino is a typical small town for the area, and the beauty of this place comes from exploring the narrow streets and doorways of the 500+ year old buildings and taking time to enjoy the views of the valley below. It’s a simple town that you enjoy by breathing in the air, saying hi to a local and spending many lazy hours at a local restaurant. We had an amazing lunch at La Grotta Di Tiburzi, run by a mother and daughter and it was beyond divine. Yet again, Tikka was right at our feet while we ate. The smaller towns are just as welcoming to dogs as the larger cities, which is perfect for a dog friendly afternoon of exploring.

You could easily combine a visit to Chiusdino with a stroll around the famous open roofed Abbey of San Galgano. Add in some lunch and a stop at a winery and it’s a pretty perfect day in Tuscany!

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-6.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-8.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-3.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-5.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-1.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Dog Chiusdino-2.JPG

6 thoughts on “An Afternoon Visit to Chiusdino | Dog Travel Italy

    • VanDoggo says:

      The small town is so picturesque, it does the creative for you 🙂
      We normally only take her off leash for the photos and only when there was no traffic or distractions. Haven’t had any issues with people being weird with her being off leash, and in Italy it was a mix of on and off leash. Venice had a lot of off leash dogs as there are no cars! I’m getting to that post…

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