Border Collie dog in the bathtub looking up at the camera

Bathtime for Dog Models | Dog Photography

Something a little different today as you will be seeing more than the usual little fluffy black dog. Meet Tikka’s friends and recent dog models: Roddy, Lolita, Buster and Sparkles!

I had the recent opportunity (and pleasure) to work with a fantastic local (Vancouver) company that hired me to take lifestyle and product photos for their natural dog shampoo. What’s great is they loved the Vandoggo blog and the photos of Tikka on her travels and asked if she could model for them. How could a girl say no?

This grew to pulling in some help from dogs we know and love and the whole campaign expanded to having different dogs pose during bathtime, and it was a blast to shoot. Dogs in tubs, dogs in towels and dogs being dogs – all adorable and all amazing models.

Thank you to Beau Canine Essentials for being an incredible client and for all the dog Moms and Dads for helping out! Enjoy the round up of dog photography at bath time.


Lolita for Beau.JPG

Lolita – Only 4 pounds but totally up for the job. She was such a good girl holding her poses and took adorable to a whole new level.


Roddy for Beau-3.JPG

Roddy – Tikka’s long time best friend and weekend walking buddy. What a handsome Keeshond. You don’t know fluffy until you have met Roddy!


Buster for Beau-4.JPG

Buster – This is Lolita’s shy ‘brother’ and Tikka’s boyfriend. Only living a few doors down from us they meet up for pee breaks to catch up on the local happenings around town. 


Sparkles for Beau-5.JPG

Sparkles – All glamour and unicorns, this Border Collie loves life and was the pinnacle of professional.  Need an ‘ears up’ or a subtle head tilt? This gal executes!






Tikka – Our resident Diva.



That’s a wrap!

*If you are interested in personal portraits of your dog or commercial pet photography you can reach me at 


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