Dog Friendly Travel

There are so many dog friendly places to visit and we love sharing our adventures with everyone so that you know there are some great options when you wonder the world with your four legged companion. Here is a roundup of our travel posts – check back as we keep exploring!

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Tikka at Cox bay, Tofino



United States


This is a special series of our 3 week road trip with our dog in Italy. We brought Tikka all the way from Canada so that she can join in on the vacation and we visited a lot of incredible dog-friendly places.


Tips for Traveling with your Dog


13 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Travel

  1. Melinda says:

    Hi there – Happy to have found your blog. So awesome that you’re sharing Tikka’s experiences with us. I love traveling with my adorable mixed terrier pup, Charlie. We’ve traveled within the US by plane and train.

    This is our first time overseas. We are heading to Rome in a month. I’m considering taking the train to another city for a couple of days and can’t decide between Amalfi coast, Naples or Florence. In your experience, which of these are more dog friendly? I intend to take her everywhere I can. She’ll have little to no time alone. I’d prefer not to leave her in the room if I don’t have to.

    Also, I have a large sherpa carrier that travels well, but I do like the sturdi look. is the bottom solid so Tikka can rest comfortably while you’re walking? Thanks!

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    • VanDoggo says:

      Hello! Just saw your comment, thanks so much for visiting our blog.

      That is a hard one, all those places are so fantastic. We have a soft spot for Florence and Tikka was welcomed everywhere she went. If you want another city adventure, then I would pick Florence, and if you want something more different than Rome, then the Amalfi Coast would be the way to go. Both places are dog friendly, maybe Florence just a touch more.

      Yes, the sturdi has a solid bottom and was easy to carry.

      Hope you have a wonderful trip, and don’t hesitate if you have any more questions – happy to help!


  2. Sarah says:

    So pleased I stumbled across your blog, it’s been really helpful (especially for Italy)
    We’re going travelling around Europe in May for 6 months with our Puggle and it’s great to know where she can and can’t go

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