Howloween, a Camera and A Simple Dog Costume | Dog Photography

Packed up the camera gear, some props and headed out to the woods in North Vancouver for a Halloween themed dog photo shoot of Tikka dressed up as, well you’ll see below…


On my way to Grandma’s house, I’m picking up a scent…familiar, but not quite dog…


There’s something right behind me isn’t there?


My, my, Tikka. What big eyes you have!


My, my, Wolfie. What bad breath you have.


Not to mention your nails need a trim.

Tikka was an ever willing Red Riding Hood, working for mere dog treats, and the wolf gloves were more of a plaything to her (made more so as her Dad was filling those gloves). This could be a simple Halloween dog costume to make yourself, but we picked up this $7 kids cape from a party supply shop and came across these fantastic gloves at the same time, just $15!

Happy Howloween everyone!

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