Border Collie dog in the bathtub looking up at the camera

Bathtime for Dog Models | Dog Photography

Something a little different today as you will be seeing more than the usual little fluffy black dog. Meet Tikka’s friends and recent dog models: Roddy, Lolita, Buster and Sparkles!

I had the recent opportunity (and pleasure) to work with a fantastic local (Vancouver) company that hired me to take lifestyle and product photos for their natural dog shampoo. What’s great is they loved the Vandoggo blog and the photos of Tikka on her travels and asked if she could model for them. How could a girl say no?

This grew to pulling in some help from dogs we know and love and the whole campaign expanded to having different dogs pose during bathtime, and it was a blast to shoot. Dogs in tubs, dogs in towels and dogs being dogs – all adorable and all amazing models.

Thank you to Beau Canine Essentials for being an incredible client and for all the dog Moms and Dads for helping out! Enjoy the round up of dog photography at bath time.


Lolita for Beau.JPG

Lolita – Only 4 pounds but totally up for the job. She was such a good girl holding her poses and took adorable to a whole new level.


Roddy for Beau-3.JPG

Roddy – Tikka’s long time best friend and weekend walking buddy. What a handsome Keeshond. You don’t know fluffy until you have met Roddy!


Buster for Beau-4.JPG

Buster – This is Lolita’s shy ‘brother’ and Tikka’s boyfriend. Only living a few doors down from us they meet up for pee breaks to catch up on the local happenings around town. 


Sparkles for Beau-5.JPG

Sparkles – All glamour and unicorns, this Border Collie loves life and was the pinnacle of professional.  Need an ‘ears up’ or a subtle head tilt? This gal executes!






Tikka – Our resident Diva.



That’s a wrap!

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Our Littlest Hobo | Dog Photography

‘There’s a voice that keeps on calling me
Down the road is where I’ll always be

Every stop I make, I’ll make a new friend
Can’t stay for long, just turn around and I’m gone again.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll find what I call home
Until tomorrow, you know I’m free to roam.’

~ Theme Song: The Littlest Hobo

VanDoggo Tikka Strathcona 01 large-.jpg

Photo of Tikka inspired by ‘The Littlest Hobo’

Who remembers the classic Canadian show ‘The Littlest Hobo’ that aired on CTV in the 70’s and 80’s? Damn, was that a smart dog, coming to everyone’s help physically and emotionally. Finding the lost, thwarting kidnappers, solving crime and patching up broken relationships was all in a day’s work for Hobo. Just check out some of these episode descriptions…Was there anything this wonder dog couldn’t do?

-Hobo rescues a politician’s son from kidnappers.
-Hobo helps an ex-convict pursue an honest lifestyle.
-Because of their parents’ objections, a young couple’s marriage plans appear doomed, until Hobo comes to the rescue.
-Hobo turns health inspector when botulism is discovered at a campground

We all have a Hobo resting at our feet, helping us get through the ups and downs of navigating this crazy world. And I’m thankful that our little one did ‘find what I call home‘ and made her final stop with us after her feral start in life (read more here). A nod to all the rescuers and fosters that open their homes to the Hobos that are roaming, literally and figuratively, and need their own family to settle down with.

If you want a trip down memory lane or want to see a true piece of Canadian media history (not to mention watching an amazing dog actor) here is the first episode.

A Doggy Day at the Beach, San Vincenzo | Dog Travel Italy

Reading up on all the dog friendly things we could do on our trip to Italy, one particular place stood out to us as a ‘must – visit’, the Dog Beach at San Vincenzo, in the Livorno area of Tuscany only one hour south of Pisa.

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-16.JPG

This little piece of doggy heaven completely caters to its four legged visitors and it’s impressive to see how much thought goes into creating something solely for the dog’s well being and happiness…other countries need to take note. There are dog friendly beaches around the world, but this is on a whole other level with a huge off leash beach, dog events, parasols and loungers to rent for a shady nap and dog treats sold right on the sand.

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-1.JPG

Unfortunately we missed the beach season by just a few days, so although the beach was open to visit, the services had closed for the season so we couldn’t take advantage of everything Dog Beach had on offer during the summer. Coming from Canada, the temperature still had the heat of a July day, but alas was turning too cool for the sun loving Italians. It was still a fantastic afternoon and the beach was busy with dogs and owners enjoying the Tyrrhenian sea and warm sand.

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-9.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-17.JPG

In the regular season, one side of the beach is set up with bright yellow sun umbrellas with reserved loungers for rent and you can have your dog right next to you or on your sun bed. The other side is an open area that you can bring your own chairs or towels and lay right out on the beach. There is a bar and food right at the entrance and they have items for your dog as well. Doggy ice cream anyone?

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-8.JPG


Other amenities include: Fresh drinking water, showers (dog and people), agility course, weekly vet visit, monthly dog events, washrooms, easy parking, and direct access to the sea. All that is required from your dog is that they are behaved and show absolutely no aggression towards other dogs or people. Fair enough for such an open area with so many off leash dogs.

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-10.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-11.JPG

Now look at all these happy pups on the San Vincenzo Facebook Page! That’s what going to the beach is all about 🙂

And if you are not in the Livorno area, the dog beach page on the Explore Italian Culture website lists more dog friendly beaches all around Italy, ready for you to take your sand loving dog to! Each one has different regulations, so do a bit of reading before showing up (size of dog, muzzles needed, vaccinations etc…)

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-13.JPG

VanDoggo Tikka Italy Dog Beach-15.JPG

Can’t wait for our next trip to visit them all!

*This post is part of our traveling around Italy with our dog. Here are some other dog friendly activities we discovered in Tuscany:

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Howloween, a Camera and A Simple Dog Costume | Dog Photography

Packed up the camera gear, some props and headed out to the woods in North Vancouver for a Halloween themed dog photo shoot of Tikka dressed up as, well you’ll see below…


On my way to Grandma’s house, I’m picking up a scent…familiar, but not quite dog…


There’s something right behind me isn’t there?


My, my, Tikka. What big eyes you have!


My, my, Wolfie. What bad breath you have.


Not to mention your nails need a trim.

Tikka was an ever willing Red Riding Hood, working for mere dog treats, and the wolf gloves were more of a plaything to her (made more so as her Dad was filling those gloves). This could be a simple Halloween dog costume to make yourself, but we picked up this $7 kids cape from a party supply shop and came across these fantastic gloves at the same time, just $15!

Happy Howloween everyone!

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