Sock Monster or Sock Hero?

Two times a day a black mini monster streaks into the bedroom to steal socks. Or is it a wise hero, saving us from the confines of overheated feet?

Morning clues

Fresh socks disappear from gym bag and any drawer left open while getting ready. Transported to a pile of missing socks in another room.

Evening clues

Smelly socks disappear one second after removal from foot and hitting the floor. Found lying in random places around the house. Sock appears to be shaken to death.

Notes on case

Cats are indifferent to the incidents, and offer no help. Not sure if they are part of evil plan of sock domination.

The true nature of the sock stealer may never be solved, the only thing one can do is find new awesome socks to feed the monster/hero and observe further.



Monster/Hero in action


Monster/Hero at rest


I did just that on a recent ferry trip to Vancouver Island and found these lovelies in the gift shop – Cute as all hell doggy socks from Sock It To Me! I picked up a couple pairs and wore them that weekend, and discovered they aren’t just great designs. They are comfy, soft and they stay up after being on the beach for hours in your rubber boots. Paws up for finding our new favourite socks.



When I came home, I checked out the brand online and found many more dog designs as well as a lot of great graphics for other stuff – cats, dinosaurs, bacon… dozens of fun socks for any mood. Inspiration for our very first Instagram giveaway (details at the end)…

Tikka and her Socks

Sock lover Tikka enjoying her Sock It To Me socks

The knee highs are great for the rubber boots and dog walking in the rain, and there are over the knee, crew and ankle lengths as well. Reading through the Sock It To Me site, they also have a ‘Stretch-It’ sock, for extra room if you have larger calves. Women, men, toddlers and kid sizes … these guys are on top of their foot game.


Want to win our first VanDoggo giveaway? Just follow these 2 easy steps:

Step 1. Follow us on Instagram: @vandoggo

Step 2. Post a picture of your dog with a pair of socks and the hashtag #vandoggosocklove and Tikka will pick one winner on Sunday April 10th and send you 4 pairs of new socks from Sock It To Me!

*I am in no way affiliated with this sock company, nor did they supply me with the sock prize, it’s a genuine find of something new that I love!



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